Having A New HVAC System Installed

If this is the first time you’re having a new HVAC system installed. This article will help you understand what you need to do to prepare for the replacement process.

You will need to have the installation done by a professional company like Tybirds. Before the installation process begins it is essential to have an onsite inspection to ensure you are purchasing the correct system for the premises.

Basic Tips To Consider Before Your HVAC installation:

Get a quote so you can financially prepare for a new system.

Decide whether you really need a new system or whether repairing the old system will be sufficient.

Know the size of the HVAC system you need to replace

Understand the basic HVAC terminology

Understanding the process is costly

Get a Quote

Tybrds provides free quotes on all new installations. A contractor will come to your premises to inspect the area, ask a few questions write down all the information provided.

The technician will then do the maths, calculating the area, usage needs, and weather conditions of the area, and then make a recommendation of the recommended brand and model with a firm quote.

If a company is happy to provide a quote on a new installation over the phone it is a big red flag, an HVAC technician can not really know what system will best suit your needs without seeing the premises.

New Installation Vs Repair

There comes a point in which every HVAC system will need replacing and repairing the old system does not make financial sense. The old system may actually be beyond repair and has to be replaced.

This is where you need to have an honest technician and an honest company evaluating which option is best for you. At Tybirds Concord, NC our company prides itself on customer service and being an honest integral company within the community.

If we recommend a new system that needs to be installed you can be guaranteed that is an honest assessment and is the right decision for you to make.

If we believe a new HVAC system is not needed and the old system can be repaired we will make that recommendation and explain clearly why we believe either scenario is the case.

Know The Size Of The New System Needed 

This is one of the most important things to get right when having your old system replaced with a new system.

If you opt for a bigger system than is needed you will be paying a higher price on your energy bill. The larger the system generally the more expensive the system is.

If attempting to reduce the cost of a new installation by opting for a smaller system, the system may have to work harder than it has been designed to operate, resulting in regular breakdowns and extremely high energy bills.

Nothing is more important when replacing your HVAC system than having an expert technician make the correct recommendation, at Tybirds we get it right. Everything we do comes with a warranty and a guarantee.

Our reviews on Facebook, Google Business, and other platforms are flawless. You can check us out, we are the real deal. An honest business that does great work and puts looking after its clients as its number 1 priority.

Basic HVAC Terminology To Understand For Your New Installation

HSPF – heating season performance factor. This determines the rating and efficiency of the pump. Current American standards require a minimum rating of 7.7. 

SEER – seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This references the efficiency of the cooling system. Current standards in Concord, NC require a minimum of no less than 13.

ACH – air charges per hour. This means the number of times per hour the air is removed and new air supplied to the premises.

How Much Does A New Cost To Install?

A new HVAC installation will be costly no matter who you get to quote the job. A big reason for this article is to attempt to help Concord residents make the right decision when it comes to choosing a new HVAC unit.

At Tybirds we care about you the client, your business, and your family. When having a new installation performed the technician will need to be in and out of your premises, you will also be relying on their make and model recommendation.

These two points are trust-based decisions, and you need a company with expertise, courtesy, and a history of doing right by their clients.

Tbyrds tick all those boxes. Should you have any questions or require a quote call Tybrids today and experience the difference of a company you can trust from the very first call.

Getting Ready For Your New HVAC Installation

Most new HVAC installations can be completed in 1 day. Advanced and larger systems can take up to 2-3 days to complete. The first thing the technician will do is set up the flooring for the new system.

If you can have this area cleaned and prepped for the technician prior to the new installation, it will help your new HVAC system be installed in a more timely manner. When the technician has to clean up the area it can add several hours to the job.