How Much Energy A Heating & Cooling System Uses

On average a home air conditioning central unit will use around 3000 watts of electricity per hour. On hot days where the system is left running all day and all night, it will consume on average around 72,000 watts.

Very small energy-efficient units can run on as low as 500 watts an hour. These systems however are not effective in cooling more than 1 one room on really hot days. They are mainly window units that do not cool the whole house.

Energy Costs 2023

  • 1000 watts of energy nowadays cost around 10-40 cents depending on where you live. With energy at such a high price it makes sense to optimize any potential savings available and have our company assess if a different unit or setup could save you money.
  • If you run your central cooling unit for 8 hours during the day this would cost you around $8.00 dollars.
  • If you run your central air conditioning unit none stop for 24 hours it would cost you approximately $24.00 dollars.
  • Over the period of a month running the unit at 8 hours a day would equal approximately $240.00 dollars.
  • If the same HVAC unit was run none stop for a month it would cost approximately $720.00 dollars. There has never been a better time to have your current HVAC unit assessed by an expert to explore if there are potential savings in switching to a new system.

Can You Reduce The Energy Usage With A Smaller System?

Smaller units will typically use less energy and reduce your power bill. The problem is smaller units are generally good for cooling one room in the house and not the entire home.

In countries that are notoriously hot all year round the common setup is to have several smaller units installed in the home and only have the unit running in the room you are in. It is important if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or energy bill by opting for a different cooling system to consult an expert company like Tbyrd’s first.

What Brands Do Tbyrd’s Recommend?

Tbyrds are a brand-agnostic company. We service, install and repair all brands and models. If you are looking for a brand recommendation we prefer to do an on-site assessment to make sure you are getting the right system for your needs. With modern technology nearly all air conditioning brands nowadays are reliable and well-built. It is more the case of assessing the area the system needs to cool or heat and finding out how often you have the system running. Some people don’t mind the cool and some people like the heat and don’t run their AC system often. At Tbryd’s we guarantee our recommendation will be exactly what you need.

Get A Free Assessment On A New Unit

Tbyrd’s is a company in Concord North Carolina that has built its reputation on customer service. If your looking to put yourself in a better financial position by reducing your energy bill with a smaller system Tbyrd’s is the company you want to speak with. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC game, we know exactly what system will suit your home and not leave you wishing you had been given a different recommendation come summertime. Call now to arrange a free expert on-site assessment.